The University of Virginia Press is pleased to announce a new series that seeks to publish innovative research, learning, and engagement in Contemplative Studies.

The Contemplative Studies series is a peer-reviewed book series that publishes leading research, learning, and engagement related to contemplation across the humanities as well as transdisciplinary scholarship with a humanistic core. The series focus is high quality studies related to five interconnected themes: 

  • Culture and Wisdom: Inquiries into historical or contemporary contemplative practices, traditions, and ethical, contextual or philosophical reflections; 
  • Flourishing and Wellbeing: Explorations of relationships between contemplative practices and physical, emotional, mental, and social flourishing; 
  • Education and Learning: Investigations about how contemplative practices can advance new models of learning to innovate teaching, learning, and more effective and creative applications in elementary, secondary and higher education; 
  • Design and Place: Research about how the natural, physical, and organizational worlds can enhance contemplative reflection and wellbeing as architects, engineers, and design professionals; 
  • Performance and Professions: Examinations about the ways contemplative practices can foster performance with optimal efficiency, innovation, and wellbeing as athletes, artists, and professionals.

Series Editors:

David Germano is Professor of Religious Studies and Executive Director of the Contemplative Sciences Center and the Tibet Center at the University of Virginia.

Michael Sheehy is Director of Scholarship at the Contemplative Sciences Center and Research Assistant Professor in Tibetan Buddhist Studies and Contemplative Studies at the University of Virginia.

ALL INQUIRIES AND BOOK PROPOSALS MAY BE SENT TO: Eric Brandt, Director, University of Virginia Press |